Kamis, 27 November 2008

Why I love Pepsi Cola?

Why do I love Pepsi Cola? Ever since I was a boy until this very day I still drink Pepsi cola, because it tastes better than coca cola, Pepsi cola has less carbonation burn and a sweeter taste.  I also like how Pepsi it gears its product to my age demographic. The Pepsi bottling company closely rivals the coca cola in the soft drink industry. The Pepsi Cola brand was trademarked in 1903 and since then Pepsi has spent its 105 years building a strong brand it has done this through marketing. Pepsi bottling marketing also affected the product life cycle of Pepsi cola.

In the beginning Caleb Bradham always tried to keep the public interested in his product he used slogans like in 1903 when he said that Pepsi "Exhilarating, invigorating, aids digestion.[i]" Pepsi markets its product to the youth of the world through out its 105 year history. Through slogans like 1984’s “Pepsi The choice of a new generation”, and 1993’s slogan Be young, Have fun, Drink Pepsi[ii]. The slogans for today are geared toward younger generation. The slogans help keep the Pepsi brand fresh in the minds of the public.

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